Labatt Family Talk Program

Raising awareness around underage drinking in Canada

About Labatt Family Talk Program

Labatt Brewing Company’s CSR division launched a program called Family Talk with the aim of raising awareness around underage drinking and with a mandate to drive change in Canadian parents and teens’ casual attitudes towards underage alcohol consumption. In the program’s inception parenting experts delivered live talks at schools across the continent. To increase reach and breadth of the program H2O Digital was presented with the opportunity to take the program and pivot to online and social channels to deliver the messaging.

The Challenge

To find meaningful, engaging and impactful ways to engage parents with teenagers across the continent to participate in educational programs around talking to their teens about the dangers of underage drinking. The initial goal was to reach a mass audience of parents across the continent, and ultimately drive measurable changes in attitudes and behaviors of our audience.

The Solution

Compelling Social Media Content

Our team crafted an Education & Awareness initiative, drawing upon the expertise of renowned parenting expert Alyson Schafer and influencers of high repute such as Erica Ehm.This collaborative effort aimed to engage parents and media in a constructive dialogue on preventing underage drinking.

Development of Digital Presentations

Navigating the bustling realm of digital content, our mission was to deliver educational messages to parents in a way that is both meaningful and engaging. To achieve this, we curated a series of Facebook Lives and Interactive Zoom Webinars. Carefully selecting timely and seasonal topics ensured that our presentations resonated with parents, sparking a positive shift in their thoughts and behaviors on the subject.

Strategic Paid Social Media Advertising

In order to guarantee widespread visibility, our agency devised a comprehensive paid media campaign to amplify and distribute content throughout the program. Engaging video and static images were consistently disseminated across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. This targeted approach played a pivotal role in ensuring continuous sharing and viewing of the messaging among parents across the nation.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Organic Social Media
  • Social Media Ads
  • Development of Live Presentations
  • Sourcing and Management of Influencers
  • Development of Video content

The Result: Empowering Change through Digital Evolution

The Labatt Family Talk Program embarked on a transformative journey, shifting from live school talks to a dynamic online initiative, marking a significant stride in combating underage drinking across Canada. Faced with the challenge of engaging parents and fostering impactful conversations, our strategic approach, backed by compelling social media content, digital presentations, and targeted advertising, emerged as a resounding success.

This digital evolution of the Family Talk Program emerged not just as a campaign but as a catalyst for substantive change in the societal mindset towards underage drinking.

Quick Stats

  • Reached 7 million parents
  • 100 + million impressions
  • Top Trending Twitter parties
  • Inspired a positive shift in the attitudes and beahviours of parents with teenagers

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